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Inspection Bureau of SAWS came to inspect and guide the work of the company
Release time:2018-01-04

       Recently, the provincial security inspection bureau of different units of law enforcement inspection team Wan Zhicheng, Shang Yingjun, Wang Haibing and other leaders and his party in Yanzhou District Secretary for Security Wu Hongbing, deputy director of Cao Chuanjie, section chief Wang Zhenjiang, section chief Chen Xianhu, Yen Dian mayor Wang Jinhai and Accompanied by safety experts, visit the company to check and guide the work safety. Zhang Congxiang, general manager of the company, Hou Shaohui, deputy general manager and production safety inspector.


     The leaders of SAWS first listened to Zhang's report on the company's safety work. Subsequently, the inspection team and his entourage came to the company's production site, focusing on the inspection of the liquid ammonia room, cold storage workshop, a comprehensive examination of the "dual system" and occupational health hazards such as the development of the situation, and the relevant person in charge of safety production exchanges, Explore the experience and methods in safety management.


       After hearing the report and inspecting the site, the leaders of the Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau gave full affirmation to the work safety management of Luyuan Company. They believed that the safety management work of Luyuan Company has taken the lead attention, recognized the place, effective measures and achieved good results. At the same time, pointed out that for safety management, departments at all levels should attach great importance to and resolutely overcome the concept of paralysis and tired of fighting emotions, in line with the attitude of staff responsible for life and safety, earnestly perform their duties, the safety measures implemented, and earnestly put safety in production Work as a guarantee of life and property safety staff and business development and growth of the cornerstone do a good job.


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