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     The introduction of improved varieties "cherry" parent breed duck; using automatic computer hatching equipment, Holland imported feed processing equipment; with leading food processing equipment complete slaughter segmentation production line, complete with the international advanced level and first-class Center Laboratory, food safety management system security.

      Unique quality and sales scale

    "Sakura source" brand duck with fresh meat, high protein, low fat, low cholesterol and other characteristics, which belongs to the "lean" duck; products are mainly sold to Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Fujian and other regions. The company has become the Nanjing osmanthus duck group, Beijing Quanjude, Yurun Group and other famous enterprises of raw materials suppliers, have been exported to Japan, Singapore and other Southeast Asian regions, including cooked products, smoked sauce, baking, frying, cooking, enema and other series of hundreds of varieties, has established a perfect sales network, enjoy a high reputation on the market.


     The most forward-looking industrial operation and service

     International technical index and economic index of the company's products meet the export standards of the European Union, we have a strong logistics transportation network, "green food, health source, green will be consistent from beginning to end to provide you with the most beautiful, fresh and healthy gourmet quality! Advanced production technology and workshop unique quality and sales scale internationalization certification and guarantee the most forward-looking industrial operation and service


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