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Because of the network, we know, because of recognition, we will become friends to become partners!

Thank you into the green food company! Thank you for your attention and expectations of green food company.

Looking back on the road of entrepreneurship, anfractuosity, along with the development of a beauteous scene, meat dish market, Luyuan company has ten years of trials and hardships will. As a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, the national Spark enterprise, national minority national food sentinel plants, duck feeding and processing of a kind of demonstration area, Shandong Province meat 30 strong enterprises, shouldering social responsibility is huge, we are of great significance.

Luyuan company is a young and mature, robust and inheritance of "moral integrity" of the team. In 10 years, we are adhering to the "concentric and win-win, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the science and technology industry, the way to strengthen the country, in promoting the adjustment of agricultural structure and agricultural industry chain extension and development on food safety, with corporate social responsibility, moral dedication eventually let people eat food, health and beauty.

Luyuan company is the personnel occupation achievement of the dream stage, but also your point of development. We take the eight party and to all rivers run into sea selfless humility, broad mind, through hard work and wealth which, to realize your dream; we are ready to accept the industry elite, visionary partners and willing to seek common development cooperation agencies to join together.

Safety is a carnivorous products industry development can never recession Chaoyang industry, let us mind the "moral integrity" will, in the competition and development in the new era, based on Chinese, hard work, the competition in the world, the pursuit of excellence, to repay the society with better results, return all the attention and support of friends from all walks of life green!


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